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Conference Cabin

Major Features of Conference Cabin in Sapsan Trains:

  • 1-4 passengers in the cabin
  • Cabin can be booked only as a whole
  • Located in the First class car, and has a separate entrance
  • Multimedia equipment for presentations

Aboard every Sapsan train is one conference cabin. It’s located in the same train car as First Class seats but has a separate entrance, providing a maximum amount of privacy.

There are only four seats in the Sapsan train conference cabin and all four must be purchased together when buying these tickets.

In addition to a table with leather seats, there’s a comfortable couch, and multiple TV screens.

A hot meal is provided for each Conference Cabin traveler and multiple power outlets are available for use.

Like the Business Class and First Class Sapsan train tickets, the Conference Cabin provides free wifi and access to business lounges at each Sapsan train station.

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Sapsan Train Routes

There are up to 14 departures every day on the various Sapsan Train Routes. Below you’ll find the main Sapsan routes.

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