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Customer Reviews

Sapsan train is considered to be the best high-speed train in Russia and probably the most comfortable way to get from Moscow to St. Petersburg or from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod. See what past travelers have to say.

Serena Lam, Canada
September, 2019

Excellent service. It was easy to select and book online for the SAPSAN tickets from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

William Marshall, USA
September, 2019

Totally seamless experience. The Sapsan tickets arrived just as promised, and everything went perfectly on the train. Not much more you can ask for!

Dianne Kelly, USA
September, 2019

Overall this has been an amazing experience. I appreciate the patience and professionalism. The culture in Russia is a beautiful thing. I would highly recommend this company and look forward an additional visit.

Yasuhiro Miyaryo, Japan
August, 2019

I was impressed with the service of this railway company. Online booking was easy to use and comfortable to ride. I think in-car services such as free lunch service and WIFI are perfect.

Timothy Powers, USA
August, 2019

Excellent experience from ticketing through the entire round trip journey. A fantastic, convenient way to travel in Russia.

Ken and Teresa Hughes, UK
July, 2019

Very good service, easy to use website, tickets sent by email, we went on the Saspan from Saint Petersburg to Moscow, brilliant service, had a fantastic time in Russia, would recommend anyone to go.

Akhand Singh Rathour, India
July, 2019

Honestly speaking, the most comfortable, luxurious, clean train journey I had been so far in my life. The timing of the train, the entire journey was so mesmerising. I would definitely recommend Russian rail to my fellow travellers in future and would love to be back and taking the train again in near future.

Michelle Renard, South Africa
July, 2019

A fabulous journey from Moscow to St Petersburg. There was wifi on the train plus brochures on both cities and free earphones. They serve coffee etc for purchase. Very impressed!

Whitney Wattam, Australia
July, 2019

We travelled on the fast train (Sapsan) from St Petersburg to Moscow recently and were very pleasantly surprised with the whole experience. 9am boarding was efficient and punctual and we only had to be at the station 30 minutes before departure. Plus our luggage travelled with us, so as opposed to airline travel, no long wait at the other end. Staff were wonderful and carriage was spotlessly clean and well appointed. Could not recommend it more highly. Brilliant way to travel and see a little bit of the Russian countryside was a bonus.

Phillip Roetz, South Africa
June, 2019

Got tickets and was exactly as expected All queries were handled fast and first time right .. I can recommend them