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Customer Reviews

Sapsan train is considered to be the best high-speed train in Russia and probably the most comfortable way to get from Moscow to St. Petersburg or from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod. See what past travelers have to say.

Joseph Gontar, USA
May, 2019

Perfect service all away from ordering tickets to the ride from Moscow to st.petersburg. Quick personal assistance for changing day of travel. Thank you.

Rajesh Vora, India
May, 2019

Lovely ride at brisk pace. We're happy to have taken Sapsan train option to go to Moscow from St Petersburg. The decor, table seat and service was pretty good.

Durdana Rizvi, United Arab Emirates
May, 2019

Really enjoyed my First class travel from St Petersberg to Moscow. Great hospitality from the hostesses who spoke fluent English and worked to make everyone comfortable.

Victoire Ehlinger, Luxembourg
November, 2018

I used their services to buy train tickets from St Petersburg to Moscow, all excellent. Easy process, with a lot of information. And I got the seats I paid for. I recommend this company

Denise Le Prou, New Zealand
October, 2018

Everything went very smoothly booking through your company. We had a lovely experience training from Moscow to St Petersburg - thank you

Alister Kitchen, New Zealand
October, 2018

I used this site to buy Sapsan tickets from St Petersburg to Moscow. Tickets were emailed and printed them out. After going through 2 lots of security (into the station then onto the platform) showed tickets and passports to the guard, hopped on train and went to Moscow. Absolutely no problems. Was easy to find the train in St P and in Moscow we used the subway to get to our hotel in the centre of town. Again no problems or hassle. This site had the option to chose your seats and seemed more reasonably priced than some of the others - so would recommend.

Remi Gaudinat, France
September, 2018

Did you ever take the TGV in France or the ICE in Germany? Personally, I do it, always in first class because you are supposed to get more place, a more comfortable seat and less noise from your neighbourgs. To be honest, it's nothing compared to the SAPSAN (САПСАН) between Moscow and St Petersburg. You have the choice between four classes, from the "high luxury" to the normal 2nd class. Personally I bought the one just above the normal 2nd class, it was a few Euro more, but really above the first class in France or Germany in term of comfort and service. I was pretty surprise, for example, to get a free snack served onboard. I was also agreeably surprised by the comfort of the seat and the space for the legs. Really, I highly recommend it and next time I will try the class just above.

Oyvind Hausberg, Norway
September, 2018

For me to come to Russia was and is a very pleasant surprise. Courteous and helpful people and a good sense of security in the cities. The train between Moskov and St. Petersburg was an incredibly good experience. Traveled to participate in the celebration, of the 871th anniversary of Moscow. On the train the people and service were also very helpful and pleasant. And the train was like a dream, almost silent and driving at 219 km / h. Nice and clean. Good selection of food and drink. Would highly recommend it.

Karina Mirpuri, United Arab Emirates
July, 2018

Loved the railway. Super comfy. Had a nice ride. Meals on board were limited and finished fast. That was only thing wish was better.

Jorge Sierralta, Chile
June, 2018

Excellent service,no complaint at all and the train was exactly on time ,if i return to Russia i for will use this service