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5 Family Friendly Places in Leningradsky Train Station

5 Family Friendly Places in Leningradsky Train Station

Photo by SapsanTicket Staff

Where can I take my kids while I’m waiting for my train in Moscow?

  • Leningradsky Station has a playground. You’ll find it in the waiting hall on the second floor. There are several attractions where your child can climb, play and interact with the environment.
  • The mother and child room is equipped with a changing station and everything you need for your toddler.
  • Restaurants and cafes can be found on the first and second floors. TGI Fridays on the second floor has a special children’s menu.
  • In case you’re running out of toys to keep your kids entertained, there is a toy store next to the station entrance.

First of all, it should be noted that Leningradsky Station is not exactly a fun place to spend time in. It barely has any seating opportunities and there’s nothing particularly interesting to see. If you can avoid it, try not to be there too early. Yet, sometimes you don’t get to choose. Maybe you had to check out of your hotel and it doesn’t make sense to go anywhere else. Or maybe you’re changing stations. Whatever the reason, here are some family friendly places that might make the wait for you and your children a bit less boring.

Restaurants & Cafes

Family Friendly Places in Leningradsky Train Station - restaurant

Photo by SapsanTicket Staff

Located on the second floor of the station, you can find a few restaurants including Planeta Sushi, TGI Fridays (American) and Il Patio (Italian). TGI Fridays has a kids menu with smaller portions of children friendly food like chicken strips and pasta with cream sauce. Planeta Sushi offers a large menu with all kinds of Asian inspired dishes. Il Patio serves pizza and other Italian classics.

If you don’t need or want to feed the offspring, the first floor comes with a few cafes where you can sit and grab a small pastry. From here, you can watch the bustling station and relax with a hot drink before you board your train.

Mother and Child Room

Leningradsky Station is also equipped with a Mother and Child room. Here you can change diapers and take care of your youngest ones. They also have a TV, some chairs and a display with arrivals and departures so that you don’t miss your transport.

Magic Toys

Family Friendly Places in Leningradsky Train Station - restaurant

Photo by SapsanTicket Staff

Every traveler’s favorite pastime - aimless window shopping. Leningradsky Station has a toy store. It’s called Magic Toys. It’s located on the first floor to the left of the entrance. If you’re running out of ideas of how to entertain your child, they’ll surely find something to play with here. The only problem remaining is that you have to convince them that you won’t buy anything. But isn’t that what parenthood is all about?


All eight Moscow train stations have playgrounds that can be accessed free of charge. At Leningradsky, you can find it in the waiting hall on the second floor. Children can climb, run around and play with the interactive attractions. The ground is soft and cushions potential falls. Another plus: everything is made out of certified environmentally friendly material, preventing your kids from breathing in unhealthy plastic particles.

If Everything Else Fails: Videovestochka

Last but not least, the station offers a fun service called Videovestochka. This blue machine allows you to record video messages to your loved ones or anyone whose phone number/e-mail address you know. After you finish your performance, you can type in any number or email address. The service will then send a link to that person. You also get a code with which you can watch your recording on their website. Let your friends know you’re thinking about them!


As mentioned above, Leningradsky Station is not the best place to be stranded in. If you can, don’t arrive too early, but once you’re there you might as well check out the playground. If that gets boring, you can still lure your children to the toy store or let them record a little message.

Oftentimes, trains like the Sapsan arrive early. Once the station becomes unbearable, you can waste time finding your seat and storing away your luggage.