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Sapsan Train Stations

Which Train Stations Does the Sapsan Depart From?

  • In Moscow, the Sapsan departs from Leningradsky station (St. Petersburg route) and Kursky station (Nizhny Novgorod route)
  • In St. Petersburg, the Sapsan departs from Moskovsky station
  • In Nizhny Novgorod, there is only one train station – the Nizhny Novgorod Train Station
  • All stations are located in the city centre. There is security check before the boarding

Sapsan train stations are just one more reason why Sapsan is such a great way to travel throughout Russia. There are a number of different departure stations for the Sapsan train.

Conveniently located in their respective city centers, both the Leningradsky Train Station in Moscow for St. Petersburg departures and the Moskovsky Rail Station in St. Petersburg for Moscow departures make it easy to enjoy high-speed train travel.

Designed by the same architect, Konstantin Thon, in the mid-1800’s, both Sapsan train stations are structural masterpieces. They combine the feel of Russian history with the function of modern convenience.

With amenities that include business centers, cafes, and 24/7 ticket offices, these Sapsan train stations make traveling between Moscow and St. Petersburg a pleasant experience for business travelers and tourists alike.

Moscow Train Stations
St. Petersburg Train Station
Nizhny Novgorod Train Station

Once you have your tickets, look forward to a wonderful, smooth and quick journey on Russia’s and one of the world’s most modern, fast and cutting edge trains - The Sapsan. Buy your ticket safely and securely and then sit back and enjoy the ride!

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