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Economy Plus Class

Major Features of Sapsan Economy Plus Class:

  • Extended legroom
  • A cold meal included in the price of the ticket
  • 220V socket between each pair of seats

If you’re interested in an affordable option with a little extra, Sapsan economy plus train tickets might be just what you’re looking for

The Economy Plus seats are similar to the regular Economy Class Sapsan tickets with a few minor differences.

Both Economy and Economy Plus offer:

  • Lots of legroom
  • Adjustable seats
  • Large windows
  • Private reading light
  • Shelves for luggage
  • Coat rack
  • Folding tables
  • Wifi available for purchase
  • Option to purchase additional snacks and drinks

But when you buy Sapsan Economy Plus Train Tickets you also get:

Basic Seats
Basic Seats
Economy class
Dining car
Business class
First class
Conference cabin

Sapsan Train Routes

There are up to 14 departures every day on the various Sapsan Train Routes. Below you’ll find the main Sapsan routes.

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Once you have your tickets, look forward to a wonderful, smooth and quick journey on Russia’s and one of the world’s most modern, fast and cutting edge trains - The Sapsan. Buy your ticket safely and securely and then sit back and enjoy the ride!

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