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4 Family Friendly Things To Do In Moskovsky Train Station

4 Family Friendly Things To Do In Moskovsky Train Station

Photo by SapsanTicket Staff

Where can I take my kids while I’m waiting for my train?

  • Moskovsky Station and the adjacent metro station Ploshchad’ Vosstaniya have some stunning art work. If you and/or your child enjoy art, it’s worth a try.
  • There are plenty of opportunities for food and drinks inside the station. Some restaurants offer kid friendly menus.
  • In the mother and child room you can find a changing station and everything you need for your toddler. 

Just like it’s equivalent in Moscow, Leningradsky Train Station, Moskovsky Train Station is not a particularly interesting place. At least it has more seating space. But, anyway, if you can prevent it, try not to get there too early. Regardless, here are some family friendly places that might make the wait for you and your kids a bit more entertaining.

Look At The Art

4 Family Friendly Things To Do In Moskovsky Train Station - Vosstaniya Station

Photo by SapsanTicket Staff

Unlike Leningradsky Station, Moskovsky Station offers some nice art to look at. First of all, it has a map of the Russian railway system mounted on the wall in gold. You can see all the cities reachable by Russian trains and how they connect. The scheme covers a good chunk of the Western wall inside the station, you can’t miss it.

If that’s not enough for you and you have some time to kill, check out the metro. There’s an entrance to the city’s underground system directly accessible from the main hall. One ride costs 45 rubles, which you need to pay if you want to go down the escalator. And let me assure you: you’ll want to. Ploshchad’ Vosstaniya (Vosstaniya Square), like most of the red line’s metro stations, is something you can marvel at for hours. The red marble used as a base for the dome structure contrasts beautifully with the gold reliefs and ornaments. Walk around for a while and enjoy the splendor of former Soviet glory. Note: the metro usually runs from 5.45 am until 0.30 am. If you’re stuck at the station in the middle of the night, you’re out of luck on this one.

Eat and Drink

4 Family Friendly Things To Do In Moskovsky Train Station - Restaurant

Photo by SapsanTicket Staff

Waiting for a train for a long time will probably make you and your children hungry. Moskovsky Station offers a variety of different restaurants and cafés like Il Patio (Italian), Burger King (American), Subway (sandwiches) and even a deli. If your family is not into pizza, Burger King has a kids menu with different appropriately sized burgers, fries and other things to choose from. Looking for a healthier option? Well, you might just want to go to a café instead, or have a sandwich.

Mother & Child Room

Traveling with a toddler comes with its tolls. Moskovsky Station is equipped with a Mother and Child room. Here you can change diapers and take care of your youngest ones. They also have a TV, some chairs and a display with arrivals and departures so that you don’t miss your transport.

If Everything Else Fails: Videovestochka

Last but not least, the station offers a fun service called Videovestochka. This blue machine allows you to record video messages to your loved ones or anyone whose phone number/e-mail address you know. After you finish your performance, you can type in any number or email address. The service will then send a link to that person. You also get a code with which you can watch your recording on their website. Let your friends know you’re thinking about them!


As already indicated, hanging out in Moskovsky Station isn’t really the most exciting thing you can do. The art work, especially in the metro, are worth a look. If your child gets bored by that too quickly, there are not many options left for you. Either you can grab a bite, or you find the videovestochka machine and send a video message to the other end of the country.

Frequently, trains like the Sapsan arrive early. Once the station becomes unbearable, you can spend some time finding your seat and putting away your luggage.