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A wide selection of pancakes will be offered to passengers on Sapsan trains during the week of Maslenitsa

During Maslenitsa, which stretches from February 24th till March 1st, passengers will be able to try a wide assortment of pancakes with a whole variety of fillings in Sapsan's bistro car. The menu includes pancakes with sour cream, condensed milk, cottage cheese, meat, berries, caviar and other fillings.
Apart from the pancakes, Sapsan bistro car also offers dishes from the traditional menu, which includes special vegetarian and children's meals.
From March 2nd till April 18th, during the Great Lent, passengers will be offered a fasting menu which will not include any animal products (meat, milk, fish, eggs): the first and second courses will consist of vegetables and cereals, as well as various salads.